Possible discussion with your surgeon before vasectomy

When you are ready to control birth through vasectomy, you would like to take an appointment of a good surgeon in your area. This is not a very complicated process and that is why you will be able to find a number of surgeons who can perform this surgery. You should always consult an experienced surgeon if you want to stay protected from the side effects of the procedure. Although, there are few reported side effects of this treatment for birth control, but it is always a great idea to stay cautious. When you decide on the treatment, you will be required to make appointment with the doctor to discuss some important things. The first thing that he will stress about is the reason for which you are choosing vasectomy (vazektomia) as a tool for birth control. As there would be no possibility of becoming a father after this treatment, therefore it is very important to discuss this in detail and brainstorm about other possible alternatives.

You surgeon would most likely discuss following things in detail with you:

● He will talk about the vazektomia cena and comparison of the cost of this treatment with other options. It is a relative cheap method, and this is a good thing about it.
● If you are married, he would like to take the consent of your partner as well.
● He will want to know reasons why are you decided for this procedure an he will tell you about the consequences of the treatment i.e. infertility for lifetime.
● He will discuss and clear the misunderstanding that you might have in your mind regarding this surgery. Some people think that vasectomy will help them prevent against STDs.
● He will talk about all the permanent and temporary methods of birth control with you

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