How to get rid of domestic violence and abuse


Domestic violence is a serious crime. The abuser can be arrested on the spot without arrest warrant. The abuser puts the lives of victims in danger, they may recover physically but the mental torture they had from the abuser will last long.

There are laws that are enforced to control the domestic violence including prisoning the abuser and severe punishments to him/her. There are many agencies that help the victims and the lawyers like Domestic violence lawyer Fort Lauderdale that help the victims.
What causes domestic violence?
The abuser causing harm to his/her family member or the ones living in his/her home does not become the abuser at once. There are many real causes that need to be eliminated to avoid domestic violence. This will in fact help the victim and abuser as well. Research and the studies showed that the abusers are the ones that are rejected by the society, this rejection results into their desperation that leads to harming other family members that do not pass through the same phase they are passing.
The unemployment is the real issue that leads a normal person to act like the abuser.
There are other reasons as well in which a child has seen his father beating his mother in front of him and as a result to this exposure the innocent mind thinks it of as a fair act. When he gets into relationship, he does the same as his father used to do it.
How to get rid of this menace?
The immediate solution to this social problem is by punishing and giving tough penalties to the abusers and let other abusers learn from his punishment. In the long run, authorities need to minimize the causes of desperation and provide better facilities to all citizens equally so they behave like good citizens. Well grooming is very necessary to prevent your child transforming into an abuser.

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