Do you want a very light plane? Well, the piper Seneca are models are the best

piper seneca price are the lightest in their area; it has a very light twin-engine, this aircraft is of American origin created by the company PiperAircaft from 1971 to the present.

This type of aircraft is popular in charter companies, usually operating in private companies of some tycoon in the world. But, as it gives a vision of elegance, it is also used by air forces such as Argentina, Brazil, Panama, Honduras, among others.
The large piper models have two spaces for the pilot and co-pilot and additional with a capacity of up to 5 passengers, its maximum flight speed are 378 km / h and its original weight is 3,211.2 pounds so it does a Lightweight compared to similar aircraft.
Seneca is characterized by four versions, which came to light since 1971 with the PA-34-200, then had successors such as the PA-34-200T created in 1974, the PA-34-220T or Seneca 3 that was released to the market in 1980, and Seneca 4 and 5 that were given birth in 1993 and 1998 respectively.
These planes are very popular for short-distance trips, at least in Latin America, specifically in Venezuela each of its models is widely used for its short trips that do not take more than 1 hour, and so perhaps in many corners of South America.
On the AeroSearcher website, you can see these planes for sale, their prices vary by model and corresponding year, at least one Seneca V is at $ 349,000 while Seneca 2 its price corresponds to 99,000 $, both models are very popular in the air market and highly desired by their buyers.
If you are one of those people who are fans of Seneca planes, regardless of their model, then you should visit AeroSearcher and compare prices to stay with one of these fast planes, improving your lifestyle and transportation when traveling for business or pleasure. It means. Get in touch with the seller, come to a purchased solution and enjoy your life of luxury with a quality plane.

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